The good weather is back! Just lovely when you are in work all day…………..and it’s a Bank Holiday weekend ahead, so obviously there’s thunderstorms on the way over the weekend……

In the meantime, there was a butterfly in the garden. It didn’t stay still. I didn’t mean to shoot this video in slow-mo, but I think it helps.

And the cat  -who never chases anything that breathes, tried to catch it! A poor butterfly!

obviously she didn’t actually catch it……


This play is soooo happnin!!

In other news: tis my birthday today. A flower delivery van just parked outside my house and had the cheek not to deliver flowers to me.  There’s something very wrong about that happening on your birthday.

But I did get lovely things – and the promise of something else coming in the post (nothing did)

apparently, this one is a limited edition….

(This is a scarf)

Dinky and quite sad looking bear

actually bought this for myself yesterday

currently burning:

me, when the flower delivery van pulled away

plus a parasol to clip on my sunlounger, lunch out yesterday, some English banknotes which I shall just keep until I’m in England, and a voucher for an online retailer which is currently lost in cyberspace.

Now I await my dinner. Indian, tonight.  There is a bottle of prosecco chillin in the fridge and 3 bars of chocolate on the living room table.


Slipped getting into the bath this morning. Whacked the inside of my knee on the side of the bath. Stopped me falling, but left me with this mega bruise 

That’s not going anywhere soon ☹️

But the great news is: I’m off work until Tuesday 🤗


There are buttercups outside my front door ❤️

In other exciting news, there’s just been a man on the news who is named “Dusty Rhodes”. I kid you not. Speaking of the news, I cannot stand the BBC political editor. 

Also, look at the bottom of this tweet

Potentially sensitive content = an otter eating some lettuce?


Floors all hoovered. Stairs hoovered and spot cleaned. Floors all washed. Bathroom cleaned. Tidying done throughout . Mirrors cleaned. Map 🗺 of the world 🌎 stuck on huge dining room mirror to make it less boring. Only slightly wonky. 

Tea break. 

Ironing to do. Dinner to make and to be inventive with due to poorly thought out shopping yesterday. 

Would consider going for walk this evening but that would require a full makeover as I currently look like a tramp having not showered today due to cleaning binge. 

I am reading the Mortal Engines books. I ❤️ some of the names used 

Minty Bapsnack

Christopher Columbo

Machine Washable and Allow Twelve Days For Delivery

I know these books are for people rather younger than I, but I’m enjoying them greatly 😌


I bought the cat a packet of “extra crunchy” Dreamies today. Only after I’d opened them did I notice that there were already 3 open packets…… She had 5 biscuits and then threw them up again. Sometimes she’s so excited that she doesn’t chew her food. They came out almost whole….

Also, I bought myself a random vase for not much money

not the best photo, but it’s nice. There’s just too much stuff on the table..

and also bought some Yankee candles which were going cheap

I went to the shop to buy cheap but very comfortable t-shirts and bought these instead…… (well, I say “instead” but really “as well as” is more appropriate. I didn’t get the t-shirts I wanted but got 2 others, and 2 pairs of jeans. All cheap though – it was a supermarket)

The semi-final of Eurovision is on TV.  That time of the year again!

Think I’ll have an early night. I’m very sleepy after a very busy day at work.  I shall read my book on my new kindle fire, which cost all of £35 – to replace the one I’ve had for about 5 years. That’s the sort of bargain you just have to take.



is bound to end in sunburn despite the liberal application of sun cream. But I have a new sun lounger and it’s quiet next door, so I’m taking advantage no matter what. 

I was taking advantage last night too, when I overheard next door tell some visitors that their house would be up for sale by the end of summer 😬

Things have been relatively quiet lately but still, having thrown a ball back either on Friday evening or Saturday morning (can’t remember which), by yesterday (Saturday) mid afternoon there were 2 balls in my garden. 

It stays sunny in the back of the house until around 7.30 pm which is lovely. When I come back in and go into the living room, where there hasn’t been sun since lunchtime, it feels really cold! Fleecy jumpers required! 

I have this one single flower in a huge pot. Looks lonely. 

Now for more sun cream and more reading . Might Actually finish a book in one weekend 📚 


Summer has arrived on exactly the 1st of May.  It was lovely yesterday and it looks like it’ll be like this for a good few days. I spent a good few hours in the back garden yesterday.

This plant smells really nice, but I have no idea what it is. Something that was here when we moved in

As was this. I’m not sure it flowered last year.

I have growth on my plum tree! Not anywhere near having plums, but I’m glad it didn’t just die after I planted it.

New local landmark in someone’s garden

Yes, it’s really as big as it looks.

I love this screenshot from my phone.

I’m in love with this Instagram cat.  It pays to search and see what’s there.

Time for a  mug of tea and a raspberry ruffle bar. I’ve just spilled fizzy cordial all round the utility room and all over myself, so I feel I deserve a cup of tea and a raspberry ripple bar.






Sometimes the pictures that news agencies use in their stories just distract from the story. 

Exhibit A

Terrible that someone stole her money, but take a better picture.

Exhibit B

although this may give a true reflection of the accused, it takes away from the seriousness of the situation. 

I stick my tongue out to distracting pictures 😜