It’s very difficult to go for a walk when kittens want to sleep on your knee.

Plus, I’ve already walked a lot today. And it’s cold out.

But I am bored….

On the way home I decided having to sit on the bus with someones hair hanging down from the seat in front is disgusting

I really wanted to snip it off.



My lunch is amazing. It’s only some rocket, cherry tomatoes, mango, wheat crackers, and goats cheese with chives added, but it’s lovely.

Sadly, in the kitchen at work, there’s only me and someone I don’t like. And they snort. A lot. It’s pretty gross. And we don’t talk, so it’s all picture and no sound. He also scrapes his chair across the floor very loudly. No need.

Still, I’m having nice food……

Sleeping kittens

The kittens slept on my bed last night for the first time. They were still there at 3.55 am when I woke up. Since about 6.30 am, they have been going nuts. There are 3 books lying on the floor which used to be on the bookcase. There’s a plastic bag lying on the floor of the spare room. Dusty is currently swinging from my dressing gown.


I took this picture yesterday, when the first frost actually appeared.

It wasn’t frosty today though, so let’s just pretend that I remembered to post this yesterday….

The kittens have discovered the bath, and Rusty keeps lifting the little round plastic thing for stopping hair going down the plug hole, and carrying it up and down the stairs like a prized possession.

Dusty remains the more sensible & independent one. Look at that little face!

Rusty can’t see Dusty get a pet without needing one too. Slightly jealous, I think 😸 I noticed tonight that he has symmetrical markings on his back paws

n other cat news, I met the big fat cat that lurks near the Jehovah Witness church tonight. It’s hard to describe quitehow massive it is. The only thing I can show is how wide it is compared to my hand

nd it’s all muscle, not just fluff.

I am grateful that tomorrow is the end of the working week. It’s been a long, stressful and tiring two weeks and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Wee lie in planned for tomorrow, which I might well need, seeing as there are currently two kittens playing in my bedroom who might not calm down anytime soon 😩


I went round to the cinema tonight to see Thor Ragnarok. It’s very good, except for Karl Urban, who seemed miscast. And I’m not a Tom Hiddleston fan. But I’m glad I saw it. Left the cinema at 22.45 & swiftly realised that I’d gone out without my keys 😩

Just as well my brother was actually still awake. He’s not a night owl at all and I was mightily relieved when he answered my message 😀

I tell you, if I lived alone I would have to employ the old key-under-a-rock thing, or I’d mostly be living in the garden.


These two are sitting beside me, purring away

We’ve been calling them Dusty and Kipper for the last few days, but they might be Dusty and Rusty! Why I didn’t think of Rusty for a ginger cat before 40 minutes ago is beyond me


Say hello to Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Or Dutsy and Squeaky. Or Dusty and Kipper. Or some other names, yet to be decided

The ginger (Cinnamon) is the boy and the other is his sister. She definitely wears the trousers. I’ve temporarily called her Dusty because she got in to the dustiest place in the house within about 30 minutes.  He has a squeaky meow. But then she started meowing and is also very squeaky!

Their mother is feral, and yesterday was the first time away from the only home they’ve had – so they are quite skittish. They love to play – and soon stop being quite so skittish, but if they haven’t seen me for half an hour, they go all shy again!

And they have yet to enter the kitchen, so the living room to bedroom and bathroom too.

In other non kitten news!:

It’s not news, just annoyance at TV (again).  Why is Mark Gatiss in everything? And why is he in everything when he’s exactly the same in everything?   He’s currently in Gunpowder on BBC1 (which is a but hit and miss) and all that’s different about Mark Gatiss in this than the last thing he was in, is that the character has something wrong with his neck and he walks about with his head to one side.  Stunt casting gone wrong yet again. He’s not the only thing wrong with it. Some of the other casting isn’t great either. I’d give up on it if it had any more than 3 episodes.

But, Blue Planet 2 starts tonight, which is cast-iron guaranteed to be terrific.

I wonder will Dusty watch it. She seems quite taken with the TV!