This is my cannelloni. Too much béchamel sauce, BUT all of it handmade by moi. Pasta, meat sauce, white sauce. Not the garlic bread though!

I have the same again for tomorrow, and to use up the rest of everything, I made a single layer lasagne, which I’m sure any Italian person would laugh at 😬 BUT again, all handmade and presumably very nice indeed! That’s me fed for 4 or 5 nights. Ill be bored with it by Tuesday….🤤

I have a full week of training to come. It’s entitled “Understand My Situation”. I may be quite bored because I very much understand the situation, but a full week out of the office is nothing to be sniffed at.



Well, me and the kittens are having a wild Saturday night in.

this is about as exciting as it gets 😻

I’m trying to update Windows on my laptop. I think I’m on the 4th attempt which is currently at 41%. I have no faith that it will actually work this time.

Anyway. Last night I watched “I, Tonya” which I really enjoyed. It wasn’t at all what I expected and was pleasantly surprised.

Hoping to see The Darkest Hour” on Wednesday, which I hope is as good as I expect it to be.

Tonight I think I might watch a locally made film which has appeared on Netflix, called “A Bad Day for the Cut”

I think this week I will progress from pasta to maybe making pizza dough. First though, I’m going to make cannelloni tomorrow 🤞 I haven’t even looked to see if I have the correct ingredients 🤔 and there are 2 very obvious things that I don’t have, now that I think about it. You would think that I would have thought about this when I was doing my shopping earlier. But, I didn’t, and I actually only bought the following things for the entire week: mushrooms,spring rolls, pain au chocolat, hazelnut chocolate, Thai Sweet Chilli crisps and cat treats. As you can see, I’m being both super healthy and using up the food in the freezer. I’ll have to buy cheese and pizza toppings and white sauce.

I spoke too soon. The laptop upgraded!

We’ve also got movement on the kittens front.

…there are now 2.


A last minute day off for me today. Didn’t do a whole lot with it, other than go to town this morning where I got a bargain pair of Sketchers trainers in TK Maxx, and got a key cut for my mums new front door. That’ll be £6.50 please….

anyhow, I had a brief walk in said new Sketches earlier and now I’m about to get into my jammies (at 7.45 pm), and watch a movie.

This was Rusty a few minutes ago

And this was Dusty

She’s now on my knee doing that kneeling thing that cats do. Lovely.

She’ll have to move though. Those jammies won’t put themselves on…


I went for a walk to the park, where I haven’t gone since the summer. It was quite dull and dreary and there were so many uprooted trees.

And, I wonder, do animals suffer from SAD like humans? I wouldn’t blame them if they did- look at the river, or what there is of it. Imagine swimming through all that dreariness

On the bright side; swans moulting their feathers


Yesterday, I spent a voucher I had for a pet shop, and bought a mound of cat food

That’s about 5 weeks worth of wet food for the two of them, and more of dry food. I don’t think I need to use the voucher they sent for February… although I have room for a cat climbing frame…..

I would be making more use of my Sunday evening but Dusty has decided to go to sleep on my knee, so I’m just going to continue sitting in the armchair, watching TV!

This week starts my long awaited training. I’m fairly sure I don’t need any of it, and some of it will be very boring, but it gets me out of the office for a while. I have Monday & Tuesday on my office and then at least 8 working days out. None of those days start until 9.30 so I will be having lots of late starts! Lush.


I’m just on pinterest looking for lovely quotes for my lovely calligraphy, which I will one day produce.  I have just seen this

15 Inspirational Quotes Certain to Brighten Your Day! …

which I also saw this very morning, in the window of a wallpaper shop!  They do really window displays, and they had this hanging up in one display.  I almost stopped to take a picture, but no need, for here it is!!

Oh, and there has been pasta, round 2

Pasta number 2 #yum #pasta #homemade

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Wide eyed Rusty

Wide eyed Rusty #rusty #kittens

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Beautiful Dusty

Devilish Dusty #dusty #kittens #nofilter

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To end, the best quote

Sometimes I just really want to say out loud, F this shit.  My silence and walking away is a nice translation.  Get it through your head



So, there’s yet another year round the corner.   Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. And also, apparently, when you’re just living your life and getting older!

Not that there’s anything not to enjoy, but as I age I just accept that nothing immensely exciting happens from one week to the next. And that’s fine. But it does involve looking on the bright side. I could sit and complain that I have this notebook:

Most excellent present #colouring #prideandprejudice #janeaustin #oohmrdarcy

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and nothing to write in it…..

BUT, what would be the point in lamenting it. Or that I don’t have piles of money, or go on magnificent holidays, or eat in decadent restaurants every week. I’d just end up depressed and miserable.

Instead, in 2018, I will continue to try and be grateful for what I do have, which is a lot. And I will  do my level best to remain positive and look on the bright side. And not take on the negative thoughts of other people. There’s so much mean mindedness in the world, and people who turn a nice thing into a bloody miserable thing, that a lovely thing to me could end up being the worst thing ever, if I took on board what other people said.  I know what I enjoy and like, and I don’t need anyone making it unenjoyable.

I might not have anything real to write in my journal, but I’m going to seek out some wee romantic things, poems and the like, to write, IN CALLIGRAPHY, which I am obviously going to learn in 2018. And, then I shall eat a big bowl of pasta, which I shall learn how to make in the next few days.  All whilst managing with never having a full nights sleep again because of these two

Dusty & Rusty say Merry Christmas Eve #kittens #christmas #whatssantabringing

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For New Years Eve,  I will do what I do every year. Force myself to stay up till midnight and then go to bed!  I’ll have to find a movie because like every year, there is nothing on TV worth watching.  I’ll drink a few glasses of wine and eat crisps until I’m full.  The family are going for lunch in 2 hours (I should probably get out of bed….) in honour of my mums birthday 2 days ago. And tomorrow, mum and I are going to see Star Wars – (I haven’t told her that I have already seen it), and we shall eat popcorn and Cadburys Whole Nut chocolate from this selection box

Which one to eat first??! #cadbury #chocolate #christmas

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Happy New Year. May we all be here in 12 months time, looking forward to time continuing to fly by. It’ll be 2020 before we know it.


Une baguette 🥖

Leftovers, obviously, with the traditional side of crisps 😬

Like my new lamp?

It’s a Christmas present. Also in the line of presents is a pasta machine and pasta drying rack ( have to learn how to make pasta), a Kipling scarf 🧣, a calligraphy set (have to learn how to do calligraphy), colouring books, a jigsaw piece separation set, perfume, jewellery, a colour-in Pride & Prejudice journal, a gift voucher, jammies, chocolate and a colour in calendar. January is complete

I’ve got myself ready for work tomorrow 😩 and have even packed 2 oranges in with my lunch, so that my food options start to return to something that doesn’t just include chocolate. And, I went for a walk today as well

Last night I saw the new Star Wars movie. Halfway through it, I was thinking “this isn’t great”, but the last half hour is very good. It might take a second viewing to decide on a score out of ten, but at the moment I would only give it a 7.5

Now, surely it’s time to finish the open bottle of wine.

Turkey 🦃

Turkey is in the oven, vegetables all prepared, potatoes ready to mash, ham cooked yesterday. Just ate breakfast and should probably think about getting dressed 😬.

Merry Christmas. Hope everyone has a lovely day.


So, skyerocketstitcher was at my house last night, and she asked “do cats go in to heat?”. I said “Yes”, because they do.

Obviously it only occurred to me about 40 minutes ago that Dusty might be in heat. I’ve never had a cat a young so haven’t experienced them in heat before.

Since about 6 am she has been almost constantly chirping and meowing. And she has been spraying everywhere in the last week or so, small amounts, all over the place. Google tells me that she would also become more affectionate ✅ and display her nether regions more prominently ✅ . She had also been burrowing into pillows and piles of clothes in the last few days.

Thankfully Rusty doesn’t appear to be interested! He’s just playing as normal- no dodgy looking behaviour. Yet, anyway!

Dusty is just a few weeks too young to be spayed so I’m hoping she comes off heat VERY quickly and that the weeing everywhere stops. I can cope with the rest. I’m suddenly not angry at her anymore for weeing and feel sorry for the poor thing!