2 Figs


Not exactly Haute Cuisine but good old home cooking

Starter looks like a small bomb from the outside

Savoury on the inside. Goats cheese, and a little thyme.

Dessert, honey and pistachio. Next time I might add a little brown sugar too.

All told, a rather lovely 3 course Sunday dinner 😬



A client today said to me, “Did you have curly hair last time I saw you?”.  “No, I didn’t”. “Oh, right enough, you had a woolly hat on last time I saw you”………..

First days back at work – even after just 1 day off – are horrible and today I didn’t really achieve much. And Yes, Snooze was deployed!  Just the once, but it was a loooong once. I think I will be more successful tomorrow. Maybe. BUT I have to stay until 5 tomorrow and  working from 8 am – 5 pm is about an hour more than I enjoy! AND I don’t need the flexi.   This pattern may continue because I’m also in until 5 on Wednesday and Friday, and because I have a GP appointment on Friday morning at 10.30 I have no need to get up early then.

I’ve just noticed that it’s 8.06 pm and it’s pitch black outside. Pitch. I quite like the dark nights. Especially going for a walk because there’s really no need to look decent. You can actually go out looking like a tramp and it doesn’t really matter.

I love the last minute of this video and so will you Skyerocketstitcher, because Richie likes reading things ON PAPER. He probably has a library card. So old hat 🙂



Into week 2 of being off work 😬

I’m painting today, whilst waiting in for a new, upgraded, modem to arrive.

At least I think it’s being delivered today. I arranged it online and I don’t think there was a confirmation email. At least I can’t find one. I need to finish the painting anyway, and the weather is rubbish so there’s no hardship staying in. All day. It’s one of those “it’ll arrive at some point between 8am and 9pm” deliveries…..

I finished the woodwork in the living room yesterday

Everything in the house is white so I’m just refreshing it. But I had bought “antique white ” for the fireplace and living room door because they looked like they were an off white, and I liked the slight contrast to the walls.

But “antique white” is WHITE. I’m not sure I love it. I’m thinking I preferred the old colour. At least it’s cleaner.

Time now (8.30 am) to finish the woodwork in the bathroom and then do the kitchen walls.

I’ll be seeing the colour white in my dreams by the time I finish.


Omg I started to clean out one of my email inboxes. It’s the account that I used to use for everything before I started to use another. Most of the junk I get goes into the account. I really should have unsubscribed to all the junk but I haven’t. And, more importantly, I don’t access it every day. And when I do, it’s on my Kindle, and that gives you an option only to see that months emails.

So I decided to hit “load more emails”

Yes, that says 15289. Fifteen thousand, two hundred and eighty nine. And still counting!!! Will it ever end??

There’s been another 2,500 added since I took that picture a few minutes ago.

I’m promising myself to unsubscribe to every one of these things next time an email drops.