You’re beautiful, and I also want to hug you.


I’m at the cinema to see Oceans 8. I’ve not been in this cinema for years because it’s too expensive but I figured if I’m going to see Richie in the cinema I might as well go to a big screen.

Bonus is, it’s weirdly cheap today.

I have my Coke Zero with lime from Five Guys, which I blatantly brought in with me. Maybe the very hard seat don’t annoy me too much!


I’m doing a diamond painting. I’m googly-eyed because the letter S appears a lot beside the number 5 and they are very similar colours!

and I’ve just poured a glass of white, so it’s not going to get any better from here on in!



The trailer for Their Lost Daughters is running on British TV.Β  I was a tad shocked to see it. I’m just minding my own business, watching Aircrash Investigation on National Geographic, and there he was in all his glory.

Yes, I did rewind the TV and record it..

if only I’d turned the volume up!


Hello Mr.

That’s one way to get me to buy an audiobook…..! (actually I have a credit that I’m using for it)

I finished the online course about Royal clothing that I was doing, and started another about Royal feasting!Β  But I stopped it before I had got past the introduction video, because the “course leader” is someone who would be on TV commenting on things Royal. And I Cannot Stand Her.Β  I can only imagine that she wrote all the words, and I can’t help but say them in her irritating voice! Put me right off!

Just goes to show how committed I am to learning things πŸ™‚


There’s some sort of music event somewhere nearby. I’m sitting in the back garden listening to it. It’s gone a bit country for my liking, but it’s quite nice!

I walked over 20,000 Steps yesterday in Dublin. I’m knackered today, more because of the heat than the walking. The journey home took 40 minutes more than it should have, thanks to a cackle of old women who had missed the train and had to get on our bus, delaying our departure time. Then there were two men who got the driver to stop twice so they could, disgustingly, piss at the side of the motorway. Thankfully they left the bus in Newry otherwise I’m not sure what time we’d have got back to Belfast at….

the music has gone all funky now, with a bit of Justin Timberlake…

Have a giraffe

This chap knew what he was doing. Loved cameras

The music has stopped….

Oh it’s back again with early 2000 hits. People went “wooo” after the first song.

IT is on the telly box tonight. I don’t usually watch things like that but i might give it a whirl. See what might’ve been πŸ˜‰

If I don’t fall asleep that is πŸ’€ I’m going to open a bottle of wine and I think it might put me to an early bed πŸ›

Oh the little birds that live nearby have burst into song, drowning out the singer πŸ˜‚


Bit strange going to bed when it’s still this bright outside

The birds are even chirping. I’ll hear that again in around 5 hours time when I wake up at about 3.30 am, which is becoming a regular occurrence….

ugh there’s a moth on my bed! Lights out!


It’s been very hot here this week. Hot for me, anyway. Only about 21 degrees, but I really don’t remember it being this hot, nor do I remember burning so easily. The sun feels much hotter to me. It’s either my age, or the ozone layer is definitely thinner.

Sunny sunny 🌞

I’m moving my chair around the garden, spending a little time in the sun, and most of my time in the shade. I do not tan, I burn. There is however, one part of me that does tan – the tops of my feet. My legs do not tan or burn, they remain pale as ghosts. Which all makes my feet look dirty.

And being in work in this heat is dire because of having no air conditioning, just windows that don’t fully open. When there’s no breeze, it’s stifling. You think, I know, I’ll go out and do a visit, only to come back sweating from the sun.

We got new technology in work on Friday – which I was delighted to know other people were installing (they must have been melting in the heat) New tablets that we hook up to big monitors. They look pretty cool but the writing on them is HUGE. You can lock the tablet to your desk, and also theoretically take it home with you and work from there. Which is something I will avoid at all costs!! I will bring it home just to make sure it connects to the home WiFi but it’s not coming home as a rule.

I’m so pleased today to see Richie back in the swing of things after his mum died. I’ve never had to go to a hospice, or to know someone who was dying, and I’m sure it’s very stressful. My Dad died suddenly and unexpectedly, which is a whole other sort of stress. I can’t imagine how tired you’d be after months of see someone drift away.

I hope he gets to go to at least one of the premiers for Oceans 8, and to enjoy it.

Talking of movies, mum and I went to see the Solo Star Wars film. She really liked it. I thought it was certainly the weakest of the bunch, I wasn’t particularly engaged by it until the last 30 minutes. And I know this is weird to say of a fantasy sci-fi film, but the story didn’t really ring true as a backstory for Han Solo!

Look at this louche

Dusty, thinking of taking up crafts

I have booked Friday off work and I am taking myself off to Dublin to the zoo. I would have loved to have gone away for a weekend somewhere but I would have to do it in June and I only thought about it last week, and flights and hotels were too expensive. So it’s just to Dublin for the day, to look at snow leopards and orangutan. A long enough day out, but I’ll feel like I’ve been somewhere!


It’s so sunny that I can’t even see this picture β˜€οΈ plus, it’s nearly 7pm. We’re so lucky with this garden. If one didn’t have to do something as tedious as go to work, one could have sat in ones garden in the sun, from about noon until 9 pm.

As it is, one sweated buckets in a very hot office with no air conditioning, until the earliest opportunity to leave, whereupon one had an ice cream.

This has appeared overnight. A Lupin, I believe. I’ve seen lots of them on the Chelsea Flower Show on TV. I’m sure this one will be the equal of anything on display there 😎

I am now older, having had my birthday on Sunday past. Nothing particularly exciting happened- particularly on Sunday when precisely nothing happened.

I’m also doing nothing tonight, having done loads on Monday and then knackering myself last night potting plants. Tonight is just for Sitting in the sun (if I had any cider I would drink it), watching the cats, and listening to the chirping birds.


I’m just back from a quick trip to Ikea, where I felt quite thirsty on the way out. I stopped to get a soft drink, and chose still apple juice.

It looked like urine, and I’m pretty sure it tasted like urine

I think I’ll give this a miss next time 🀒