The Plumber is here. A day late, but at 8am. Apparently there’s a hole in the pipe going to the cold water storage…..

My main concern of the moment is how hungry I am and how much I want a cup of tea but obviously there’s no water in the kettle and the water is turned off….

Without a cup of tea first thing, I don’t think I’ll be right all day!

The carpet washer arrived last night as planned

The box is enormous. I’m glad I had it delivered and didn’t try to buy it in a shop.

It’s fantastic these days that you can just order stuff from home. I was on the phone to my mum last night and she told me that her halogen oven had died. Whilst she was on the phone, I turned my laptop on, looked on the Argos website, ordered, paid for and arranged delivery in under 5 minutes. That oven is a tabletop one, it could’ve carried to the car and we could have picked it up from the shop today, but the delivery was free so why not?



The leak is more of a drip than anything, one drop every 5 seconds. Not exactly a flood.

Nothing else has fallen since last night.

And of course, I’ve been home for more than 2 hours and no sign of the repair man. Now that it’s after 4 on a Friday, I would be impressed if he turned up at all.

I’ve half cleaned the floor, but the mop head was dirty with plaster so the floor is not at all clean…..

In the meantime, blue laces, or white?


We have a leak from the hot press. This morning the dining room ceiling looked like this

When I went to bed an hour ago, the horizontal crack was wider and had almost reached the vertical crack.

Part of the ceiling collapsed half a hour later…. I’ve cleaned most of it up already, have changed my pyjamas and come back to bed.

The plumber is due tomorrow, the leak is actually still just a drip, and why loose sleep? That part of the plasterboard would have needed replacing anyway. Saves someone taking it down 😌

Besides, I have to get up for work in 6.5 hours 😴

(I reserve the right not to sleep a wink because I’ll probably worry anyway and I’m also wide awake 🙄)


I have ordered these

They should have come today but there’s been a delay and it’ll be a few weeks yet. Probably a good thing, as they need assembled and filled, and I haven’t bought any compost….

I did buy some plants for them, with 20% off to boot.

I am in love with this

I’ll probably get more the same. I’m also going to get a climbing rose and maybe some grasses.

Today I also got these

The label has come off this one and I have no idea what it is 🤣

I might get more of these lupins

And these were so sweet. They might be too titchy for the planters but I couldn’t resist.

I only went to buy a bird feeder. Consequently I didn’t have a trolley nor the physical capacity to buy more, to make better use of the offers. Might get the bus over tomorrow 🚌

I’m sitting in the garden watching the blackbirds and robins, hoping they use the bird feeder. There’s a female blackbird sitting about a foot above me & a male one flying around.

I had the cats out for a while. Dusty isn’t so keen. Rusty LOVES outside now. I took him in when the birds appeared. I don’t really want him to kill one.


So, it’s just gone 8pm and one of the fuses has blown in the fuse box. It’s the one for most of the sockets in the house, except the kitchen and utility room. The lights are all on and the heating still works but OMG it’s so quiet and there’s no broadband. It’s like the dark ages. With lights.

Day One

Day one of the diet and I’m in bed. Hungry 😂 Not really. Just a little.

Today I had the first snail on my front door

Rusty saw his first bird up close in the garden. A robin. He was quite excited.

I saw a man on the bus who had put his BEARD into a ponytail

Completely bizarre.


It feels like Spring has actually sprung!

I went exploring this morning along part of the Greenway that I don’t know. I’ve only walked 3.8 kilometres but by main road it would be much more. Along nooks and crannies

Next Sunday I’ll do a different part of it. Although it’s not quite bursting with colour outside, it was quite warm and I’m now sat in my back garden with birds in the trees and bees in the flowers 🐝

I admit that when the sun is behind a cloud ⛅️ it’s a little chilly for just a tshirt….and……we’re back inside 😬

I watched Urban and the Shed Crew last night. Just once. I’m saving my second viewing. Not to spoil anything but I would love Richie to tell me a story ❤️

It’s a great wee film and certainly deserves to be seen. It’s much better than many a Hollywood blockbuster that gets released to trumpets and awards.

Although it’s quite funny in parts, it’s not particularly comfortable to watch and I found it quite hard to watch RA in it, in so much as I didn’t particularly like watching him in the parts where the character was particularly unappealing.

I would have liked a bit more background before one scene, which came a bit out of nowhere, and there wasn’t much reaction to something else which I would have liked to see more of Chops reaction to.

I recently watched “I, Daniel Blake” which has the similar vein of social inequality running through it. I criticised the ending of it for being to abrupt. But it was relentless in the negative and didn’t shy away from harsh realities. Urban finished on a fairly positive note, but if you read the book and know a little of Urban’s later life, you know the story didn’t end as positively as the film did. But then I guess the film would needed to have been much longer to address the later years of the story. They could nearly have Urban & The Shed Crew: Part 2

Anyway it’s very worth seeing and I hope everyone gets to see it eventually. It’s so different from anything else I’ve seen RA do and I’m very glad he did it.

This video can only mean one thing:

My new Skechers have arrived

There are replacement shoelaces which are blue and are an entirely different texture than the white ones, which is weird

I’m pleased the weather seems to have turned because I’m a bit sick of wearing boots. But this also means that I must also take more care of my feet, which are about to be exposed to daylight for the first time in months.

Tomorrow is low sugar diet time, for certain. I have even shopped appropriately so have no excuse 😇


Of all the cat toys I’ve bought, these things are perhaps the best

They are like a fishing rod that expands to about 3 feet.

They don’t last long. This one had a feather off it inside 2 minutes.

And they induce so much jumping and bouncing that Rusty has actually gotten out of breath. He’s in bed now, looking at Dusty playing and going slightly mental

awww. The hardest thing about them though, is that both cats love them, and I’m trying to give them equal play time with them!

I’m having Easter Egg for dessert. I’m aiming to gorge myself in the next few days and then to be relatively good for a few weeks. My stomach is enormous and I ache more than I should. Time to make an effort. (Again 😂)

This morning I got out of bed at 6, fed the cats, had a shower, put my socks on and got straight back into bed, wet hair and all. It was great!  I might do the same tomorrow…. and early to bed tonight too I think.  It’s a hot water bottle, hot chocolate, early bed night.